OB737-CT-AK9 MID CT Operated IP65 Meter Kit

OB737-CT-AK9 MID CT Operated IP65 Meter Kit

OB737-CT-AK9 MID CT Operated IP65 Meter Kit

SGS0130-Owen-Brothers-OB737Measuring Instruments Directive (MID 2004/22/EC)

Owen Brothers Retrofit CT Metering Kits are designed for existing installations where complete disconnection of conductors is not possible, they allow safe, certified and simple installations.

All products allow for data collection and include pulsed output & Modbus as standard with GSM/GPRS & Ethernet TCP/IP Options.



• It is possible to measure voltage, current, frequency, active and reactive power, power factors, maximum demand.
• Complying with BSEN62053-21/22 Class 1.0, 0.5S.
• Multi Tariff - 4 TOU Rates can be set 
• M.I.D Approved 0120/SGS0130 Annex B & D (Offgem) 
• Split core Current Transformers 100:5A up to 4000:5A ratios are available preventing cable re-routing or cable breaks for simple retrofit installations.
• Supplied pre-wired with cable entry glands & convenient knockouts.
• Connections are simple and clearly labelled.
• Built in phase rotation, wrong phase sequence alarm.
• Ingress Protection - Minimum IP65
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OB737-CT-AK9 MID CT Operated IP65 Meter Kit is available to buy in increments of 1


Fully MID Approved Annex B & D - suitable for export of energy to the grid, industrial/commercial billing etc.

Three phase CT metering - 7 DIN modules, Standard DIN rail Format (DIN43880)

High Accuracy - IEC62053-21/22 Class 1.0,0.5S

● Import & Export active energy

● Import & Export reactive energy

● Instant Volt, Amp, Power factor, Frequency, Active power, Reactive power & Apparent power

Industrial control & AMR compatible

● Isolated pulse output and IR (DIN43864)

● RS485 communication port, Modbus Protocol

Large clear backlit display

Prewired kit including

1 x OB737CT MID certified multifunction meter

1 x IP65 Enclosure

3 x Fuse Carriers (Including spare fuse)

1 x Neutral (Disconnect)Terminal

1 x Earth Terminal

3 x Current Transformers


Elastic entries on top, with cable covering, masking and labelling strips, additional double-membrane seals and other accessories  



Width: 200 mm

Length: 200 mm

Height: 122 mm


Box: Polystyrene, light grey, similar to RAL 7035

Cover: Polystyrene, light grey, similar to RAL 7035

Hinged window: Polycarbonate, transparent

Sealing: Polyurethane

Cover screw: Polyamide 6, fiberglass reinforced

Material: polystyrene


More Information
Model OB737-CT-AK9
Manufacturer Owen Brothers
In Depth Electricity meters for Feed-In Tariffs (also known as FITs) are part of a Government backed scheme that pays people for generating their own "green electricity" (i.e. photovoltaic, wind, or hydro). The scheme is administered by Ofgem on behalf of the Department for Energy and Climate Change and further information is available from: http://www.ofgem.gov.uk/sustainability/environment/fits/Pages/fits.aspx To apply for the FIT scheme, installations must be in Great Britain and have a meter compliant with the metering legislation in place. This means that the electricity meter must be of an approved pattern or construction in accordance with Schedule 7 of the Electricity Act 1989. Prior to October 2006, only an approval issued under GB national legislation would satisfy this requirement and these meters are listed on the statutory list, known as Schedule 4. Visit the scehdule 4 section of the NMO website. From 30th October 2006, “approved” may also refer to an electricity meter type approved by a notified body under the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID 2004/22/EC). NMO is responsible for designating notified bodies in the UK for the majority of the instruments covered by the Directive and SGS (UK) Ltd have been designated as a Notified Body for the conformity assessment of active electrical energy meters under Annex MI-003. Download MID approval certificates issued by SGS (UK) Ltd on the NMO website. MID approved meters are also required to carry the MID markings as required under the Directive. These consist of the CE marking, the MID marking which is made up of the letter ‘M’ and then the year of manufacture (for example a meter manufactured in 2011 would have the following MID marking ) and a four-digit code representing the Notified Body that approved and verified the meter. - See more at: http://www.bis.gov.uk/nmo/gas-and-electricity-meters/electricity-meters-introduction/Electricity-meters-for-feed-and-tariffs#sthash.WrAsI3ar.dpuf
Length 35
Height 16
Bredth 35
HS Tariff Code 9030310000
Packing Buffer (in percentage) 10
Packing Type Shared
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