OB737-CT-AK9 MID CT Operated IP65 Meter Kit

OB737-CT-AK9 MID CT Operated IP65 Meter Kit

SGS0130-Owen-Brothers-OB737Measuring Instruments Directive (MID 2004/22/EC)

Owen Brothers Retrofit CT Metering Kits are designed for existing installations where complete disconnection of conductors is not possible, they allow safe, certified and simple installations.

All products allow for data collection and include pulsed output & Modbus as standard with GSM/GPRS & Ethernet TCP/IP Options. 

Identify waste and potential energy saving opportunities. 

• Integrating our optional Automatic Meter Reading system helps achieve the Carbon Trust Standard and Carbon Reduction Commitment. An element under the tax efficient enhanced capital allowance scheme.

• Can be used in any commercial or industrial application.

• Retrofit metering kits are designed to measure the energy consumed by a complete installation or part of it. For example main incoming supply, manufacturing or offices.

• It is possible to measure voltage, current, frequency, active and reactive power, power factors, maximum demand.

• Complying with BSEN62053-21/22 Class 1.0, 0.5S.

• Multi Tariff - 4 TOU Rates can be set 

• M.I.D Approved 0120/SGS0130 Annex B & D (Offgem) 

• Split core Current Transformers 100:5A up to 4000:5A ratios are available preventing cable re-routing or cable breaks for simple retrofit installations.

• Supplied pre-wired with cable entry glands & convenient knockouts.

• Connections are simple and clearly labelled.

• Built in phase rotation, wrong phase sequence alarm.

• Ingress Protection - Minimum IP65

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